State Land Information Management System (eSlims) for Sri Lanka Railway Department (eSLRLands)


eSLRLand system is a customized eSlims application dedicated to manage commercial land properties in Sri Lanka Railway Department. System is customized to capture the Land information and automate land alienation process. Another new component has developed to capture the payments received and automate timely valuation and arrears calculation. System is highly available, secured,scalable and expected to streamline the all commercial land management processes while optimizing the land revenue collection in the commercial land unit at Sri Lanka Railways.

Technologies Used:

Language : JAVA
Java/J2EE Technologies : JPA( Hibernate implementation), JDBC, JUnit, Spring, JSP, Struts, Servlets, javascript, css, html, json
Source Controlling: Mercurial Web/Application Servers: Apache httpd, Tomcat, Jetty
Database : MySQL
Mobile : Android development