ePopulation​ ​ Register for ​ Registrar General’s Department


ePopulation is one of the most important government projects developed under eSriLanka initiative. It is to be used as the main government data backbone for citizen information. ePopulation creates and maintains a populations registry to store all citizen information, in addition to civil registrations. ePopulation includes the registration of life events (Birth| Marriages| Adoption| Death), certificate issuance in any language, assignment of PIN (Personal Identification Number) to citizens. This is highly scalable, available and secure system with record levels expected to surpass 20 million. Searches and queries had to be specifically improved for critical performance needs for big databases. ePopulation data will be available to all other government (such as ministry of defense, department of immigration, etc.) and trusted parties via eServices.

Technologies Used:

Language : JAVA
Java/J2EE Technologies : JPA( Hibernate implementation), JDBC, JUnit, Spring, JSP, Struts, Servlets, javascript, css, html, json
Source Controlling: Mercurial
Database : MySQL
Web/Application Servers: Apache httpd, Tomcat, Jetty