Smart Address


This is a software application which aims to remove the burden of having to remember the ddresses of locations and the difficulty of finding them.

For example, if someone wants to send his/her personal or official address or else the address of any other location to another person, he can generate a unique alpha numeric code call as Smart Address for that particular location by entering the details of directions to that place by using this software application. The generated alphanumeric code can then be sent to the intended party through an sms or it can be shared on social media such as Facebook,Twitter or Gmail. The recipient of this code can simply click on it to get directed to the actual location which is directed by the code. The directions for the user will be presented on a Google Maps indications the route to the location.

The admin of the system can enter verified locations to the system and generate unique codes to them, which can be later added by the users of the application to their personal smart addresses list. The admin of the system also can verify the details of a location which is entered by any other person, making it public for all users of the application to get it added to their personal smart address list. The Smart Address application is available for users as a web application and as well as an Android application.

Technologies Used:

Language : JAVA
Java/J2EE Technologies : JPA( Hibernate implementation), JDBC, JUnit, Spring, JSP, Struts, Servlets, javascript, css, html, json
Source Controlling : Mercurial Web/Application Servers: Apache httpd, Tomcat, Jetty
Database : MySQL
Mobile : Android development