Green Frontiers ​EV Charging Application


This is a comprehensive app (by Green Frontiers EV fast charging network, Sri Lanka) to solve all your fast charging needs in Sri Lanka. You can find all available stations (updated frequently), their current statuses, capacities, how many people are waiting in the queue etc. App can also show you the shortest route to the nearest charger, or you can ask for the shortest route for any specific charging station you are interested in. Finally, App helps you with navigation as well. You can view your charging history, stats, publish your statuses on FB while you are charging.

Green Frontiers is now available to charge your electric vehicle in a smart way. There’s no need to waste time to find an EV charging station anymore.

With Green Frontiers, you just tap to find the nearest charging station and it’s easy to pay with your sampath Vishwa account.

Whether you are going up country or down south now you can find our country wide EV charging locations.

Now it’s your time to buy your next electric vehicle and feel the comfort on your ride.

Need a simple way to get your electric car on roads? Download Green Frontiers, the best option available in Sri Lankan market.

There are more than 3000 users for this app and you can view the good ratings from the users in playstore.

An unordered list:

  • Now you can view the details of charging station using the list and the map
  • Now you can contact the charging station through a call via the app
  • You can find the shortest route to the nearest charging unit and also you can find the shortest route to any specific charging station using the app
  • Now you can directly access the GF announcements
  • You will be notified in case of charger status change
  • You can check the queue at any charging station using the app
  • You can keep in track of your charging history and statistics
  • You can remotely start or stop the charger through the app
  • You can instantly top up the card using your sampath Vishwa account available in the app
  • Now you can send cash as gifts through the app
  • Navigation feature (Google map) and FB integration feature is now added in our app
Technology Stack : JAVA,React Native,javascript, json,Git,Android
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