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Araaya develops mobile applications for Android and iPhones. We have a smart phone application which allow users to register common emotions (both negative and positive such as anger, compassion, generosity, greed, happiness, sadness, lust, kindness etc) and their reactions to those. LetGo analyze your emotions and help improve your emotional intelligence providing you with direct, accurate and quantifiable feedback on your handling of emotions. More


Araaya develops high quality mobile games for Android and iPhones. We have a range of board and puzzle games which are very comprehensive, addictive and can be played in a short time. Our technology enables multiplayer game play connecting across Android and iPhones. More


Araaya offers a free gaming platform where players can challenge friends to play single player or multiplayer games online, players can organize matches/ tournaments and view global leaderboards, players can have chat while playing. Simultaneous games play is also supported for training games. Each multiplayer game provides the facility to play with computer players at different difficulty levels.
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May, 2012
Araaya featured in This Week In Startups! - LetGo App won the TWIST Colombo Meet-Up. Video
July, 2011
Free Online Games - Araaya game site Launch. More
July, 2011
NASSCOM EMERGEOUT - Araaya participates in Nasscom Emergeout Conclave Chennai. More
May, 2011
Spriralation Award - Araaya has been selected for Spriralation project in ICTA for it's technical innovation. More