State Land Information Management System (eSlims)​

eSLIMS is a highly available and scalable system which processes and maintains information of all state lands and land alienations. This system is designed to automate the land alienation process which involves in application processing and selection of candidates in land alienation. All government lands in Sri Lanka (80% of all lands in the country are government lands) will be managed via this system eventually. All government lands are mapped and assigned a unique key (GIS parcel code) to identify them across all systems. One of the main goals of the eSlims is to provide highly useful information such as land usage information for national development planning and decision making.


ePopulation​ ​ Register for ​ Registrar General’s Department

ePopulation is one of the most important government projects developed under eSriLanka initiative. It is to be used as the main government data backbone for citizen information. ePopulation creates and maintains a populations registry to store all citizen information, in addition to civil registrations. ePopulation includes the registration of life events (Birth| Marriages| Adoption| Death), certificate issuance in any language, assignment of PIN (Personal Identification Number) to citizens. This is highly scalable, available and secure system with record levels expected to surpass 20 million. Searches and queries had to be specifically improved for critical performance needs for big databases. ePopulation data will be available to all other government (such as ministry of defense, department of immigration, etc.) and trusted parties via eServices.


Green Frontiers Charging Application

This project for an electric vehicle charging company which contains two android applications, a REST webs ervice, a web application for other mobiles( for iOS, Windows etc.) and a web application. One android application and mobile web application are dedicated to clients of the company. Those apps provide features like locations of charging stations, shortest path for nearest charging station, the current status of charging stations and many others. The mobile web application is designed to be compatible with mobile browsers considering responsiveness and User Experience to give the real feel of a mobile application. Other android app is for operators who provide service at charging stations. It provides features to update status of charging station, to see status of clients and etc. The REST web service provides services to android applications. The web application is dedicated to admin panel of the company who want to see statistics of charging stations,clients and income of the company.


State Land Information Management System (eSlims) for ​ Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka ( eMahaweli)

This is a customization of eSlims developed for Land Commissioner Department for the purpose of replacing current manual system of Land registration in Railway Department. The Land registration part from eSlims is used with some customization. Land leases and payment of arrears are introduced as new modules under Railway department.


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